A List of the Various Non-Medical Expenses Covered by Health Insurance  

In a world where healthcare prices are constantly on the rise, everyone seeks a health insurance plan that is comprehensive in nature. This means it should cover as many expenses as possible. By choosing such a policy, you can ensure that most of the expenses and costs of your treatment will be covered under the policy.

It is not necessary that all the expenses in your health insurance plan will be related to medicines, treatments, and procedures; health insurance plans also cover a number of non-medical expenses. These are meant to support you during your treatment and the recovery phase. They are equally essential during your stay at the hospital so that you can recover and heal comfortably and also receive all the necessary care when in the hospital.

Keeping this in mind, let us take a look at all the non-medical expenses in health insurance that are part of a comprehensive health insurance policy.

 Items that are Part of the Cost of Treatment 

Sr. No Particulars
Admission/ Registration Charges
Hospitalisation for Evaluation/ Diagnostic Purpose
Urine Container
Urine Bag
Glucometer Strips
Alcohol Swabs
Scrub Solution/ Sterillium
Vaccination Charges
Mouth Paint
Blood Reservation Charges and AnteNatal Booking Charges
BIPAP Machine
CPAP/CAPD Equipment
Hydrogen Peroxide/ Spirit/ Disinfectants etc
Infusion Pump
Antiseptic Mouthwash
Nutrition Planning Charges – Dietician Charges – Diet Charges

 Items That are Part of the Procedure Charges 

Sr. No Particulars
Ortho Bundle, Gynaec Bundle
Hair Removal Cream
Disposables Razors Charges (for site preparations)
Eye Pad
X-Ray Film
Eye Drape
Eye Kit
Surgical Drill
Surgical Blades, Harmonic Scalpel, Shaver
Microscope Cover
Ward and Theatre Booking Charges
Arthroscopy & Endoscopy Instruments
Gauze Soft
DVD, CD Charges
Camera Cover
Eye Shield
Cotton, Cotton Bandage
Surgical Tape

 Items That are Part of Room Charges 

Sr. No Particulars
Pulseoxymeter Charges
Patient Identification Band/ Name Tag
Incidental Expenses/ Misc. Charges
File Opening Charges
Documentation Charges/ Administrative Expenses
Diabetic Chart Charges
Admission Kit
Blanket/ Warmer Blanket, Clean Sheet
Luxury Tax
Im Iv Injection Charges
Air Conditioner Charges
House Keeping Charges
Hand Wash
Shoe Cover
Discharge Procedure Charges
Daily Chart Charges
Entrance Pass/ Visitors Pass Charges
Expenses related to prescription on discharge
Baby Charges (Unless Specified/ Indicated)
Caps, Comb
Cradle Charges
Eau-De-Cologne / Room Fresheners
Foot Cover
Gown, Slippers
Flexi Mask, Face Mask
Disinfectant Lotions
Bed Pan
Tooth Paste, Tooth Brush
Tissue Paper
Hand Holder
Sputum Cup

Items that are not covered under health insurance non-medical expenses.

Sr. No Particulars Sr. No Particulars
Baby Food
Baby Utility Charges
Beauty Services
Food Charges (other than what is provided by the hospital)
Cold Pack/ Hot Pack
Laundry Charges
Carry Bags
Mineral Water
Email/ Internet Charges
Sanitary Pad
Eyelet Collar
Telephone Charges
Guest Services
Attendant Charges
Crepe Bandage
Extra diet of patient (Other than that which forms part of bed charge)
Diaper of any type
Birth Certificate, Certificate Charges
Blood Grouping and Cross Matching of Donors Samples
Medical Certificate, Medical Records
Service charges where nursing charge are also charged
Photocopies Charges
Television Charges
Knee Braces (Long/ Short/ Hinged)
Surcharges, Courier Charges, Conveyance Charges
Knee Immobilizer/Shoulder Immobilizer
Mortuary Charges
Vasofix Safety
Walking aid Charges
Oxygen Cylinder (For usage outside the hospital)
Urometer, Urine Jug
Trolly Cover
Pan Can
Nebulizer Kit
Pelvic Traction Belt
Steam Inhaler
Oxygen Mask
Arm Sling
Ounce Glass
Mask, Gloves
Cervical Collar
Kidney Tray
Any kit with no details mentioned (Delivery kit, Orthokit, Recovery kit, etc.)
Diabetic Foot Wear
Nebulization Kit
ECG Electrodes
Sugar-Free Tablets
Creams/Powders/Lotion (Toiletries are not payable, only prescribed medical pharmaceuticals payable)
Private Nurses Charges – Special Nursing Charges
Abdominal Binder
Nimbus Bed or Water or Air Bed Charges
Ambulance Equipment
Lumbo Sacral Belt
Ambulance Collar


As you know, a good health insurance plan offers financial protection against unexpected medical expenses, ensuring access to quality healthcare without straining your finances. Such a policy must also clearly specify all the expenses that are not directly related to your treatment but support your hospitalisation. These can include some miscellaneous charges as well.

However, it is also important for you to understand what all expenses count as exclusions; hence, always compare health insurance before you buy an online medical policy from a reliable insurance provider like Tata AIG. This will enable you to arrange for such costs in advance so that you do not need to worry about them during or after your treatment.


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