The 3 key factors that make a great exhibition stand

Having a successful exhibition can make a huge difference to any business’s future outlook. Attending the right show and having a superbly designed, eye-catching exhibition stand to attract visitors is a great way of fostering new business.

Why going modular makes sense

The more relevant exhibitions your company attends, the bigger the potential. Where a lot of companies fall down, though, is spending vast sums of money on custom-built stands that they have made for each new exhibition. Advertising budgets are always stretched, and spending too much money on expensive one-off stands is a waste of limited resources.

But if you commission a reusable, modular exhibition stand, you will find it gives you a much better ROI and for a lot less outlay.
Modular exhibition stands are just as effective as custom-built ones. They are designed in a way that will display your unique corporate identity, and the clever modular construction allows you to configure the stand in many different ways. But what are the key things you need to consider when commissioning a great modular-based stand?

  1. Attention-grabbing design

The first and most important thing with exhibition stands is that they must be eye-catching. There are always lots of competitors at exhibitions, so you need to ensure that your display stands out from the rest. It’s just as easy to make a modular exhibition stand as attention-grabbing as a custom-built one – perhaps even more so.

You can have different-sized logo panels and separate wordmarks. You can vary the size and the configuration of the graphics for maximum impact in any situation.

  1. Flexibility

With a custom-built unit, you are stuck with what you’ve got. It might have been designed for one particular exhibition, and it might not be suitable for the next. Trying to modify an existing design can be difficult, if not impossible, without compromising its effectiveness. Plus, it can also be expensive.

Modular exhibition stands can be configured any way you want them. You can make best use of the available space of the site and maximise the placement of the graphics to best effect.

  1. Portability and re-usability

Custom-built exhibition stands are not designed with portability in mind. They are assembled on-site and, afterwards, often discarded. Disassembly and transportation back to a storage area can be labour-consuming, and sections can get damaged beyond repair in the process. Modular exhibition stands, however, are designed for portability, making their reuse a piece of cake.

The affordability of modular exhibition stands – ideal for smaller businesses

Last but by no means least comes affordability. If you are an SME and you want to take maximum advantage of the exhibitions calendar, modular has to be a serious consideration. Let’s quickly review the advantages:

  • Eye-catching designs
    • Maximise use of available site space
    • Configure the display to best effect
    • Increase visibility of your graphics
    • Rapid on-site assemble and dis-assembly
    • Great portability and reuse potential
    • Cost-effective


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