Generational Conflict in the Workplace

Working with people from different perspectives and backgrounds often benefits companies. Bringing different ethics, values ​​and experiences to the table can lead to better and more aligned results. Such an innovative end results is due to the merging of generations. Known for their different perspectives and positions in work, these different age groups can be brought together despite the generational differences between them.

In today’s workforce, typically five different generations work side by side. From Baby Boomers nearing retirement to Gen-Z fresh out of college, this age group has been shaped by the world around them and the changes that will occur throughout their lives. As a result, there have been some major changes at work. These changes primarily revolve around training, leadership, and workplace culture. Below, learn more about each generation and learn how organizations can better leverage intergenerational workforce dynamics with this infographic by Goodwill Car Donations.

Infographic provided by Goodwill Car Donations

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